CODE New Town Team



Francesca is not only from Italy but from Sardinia. That being said she has lived in 10 different cities in 5 different countries! That would probably explain the fact that she is reading three books in three different languages at the same time… or not. She definitely has an interesting personality. Did we mention that she is an amazing cook?



Ricardo is our newly adopted computer genius. He comes from Brazil but we found him in Malta. He has lived in six different countries in the last four years and says he is slowly travelling the world. He’s really relaxed, friendly and always in a good mood. Ricardo has top skills in the kitchen as a former breakfast chef. His speciality is Japanese and Italian cuisine.



Alex is from Argentina but if you ask him he would probably say that he is a citizen of the world.

He has a practical mind set and will always find better ways to get things done.

He loves board games- one of his favourites is called Unicorns!

Alex loves an everyday adventure- he not only cycles but also rides his inflatable kayak to work! 😉





Rafy fell in love with Edinburgh as soon as she got on the Airlink bus and she is not leaving anytime soon!

She enjoys discovering Edinburgh’s pubs, local food restaurants and going to all kinds of events that Edinburgh has to offer.

She loves to bring people together around a drink, a good meal or a game!

She loves to travel, learn about new cultures and talk with people.

Rafy speaks French, English, Spanish and a little bit of Dutch.