CODE New Town Team



Hostel Manager

Ben is a Dutchman in his heart but loves to travel and to live in different parts of the world!

In his spare time he likes to do all kinds of sports. Running, Biking, Hiking you name it! His newest project is Scottish Munro bagging.

He likes to cook, so if your lucky he will cook for you at the hostel. Ben speaks Dutch, English and French.



Assistant Manager

Rafy is French/Canadian. She doesn’t really like the cold, but can make amazing crêpes, so she’s probably more French!

She loves to bring people together with a drink, meal or a game. Try to dare her for a game!

She loves to travel and learn new cultures and talk with people. Rafy speaks French, English and Spanish




Evan, the larakin. Hails from the land down under, being Australia. You will see him always in a pair of shorts and always laughing or smiling.

He is a gym finatic and spends most of his spare time at the gym. He is also becoming a specialist in coffee shops, restaurants and bars. So ask him for a recommendation.

He loves to travel, learn new languages and have a laugh. Evan speaks English and claims to speak bits and pieces of alot of other languages. He also is studying Spanish.