Celebrate Christmas at CODE or Jacobs Inn

and get:


Merry Christmas!!


  • 3 night minimum stay
  • Stays from 09/12/18 until 27/12/18
  • Non-refundable promotion


Our very capable groups department will be able to help you arrange everything for your group. Any group of 8 or more guests falls under our group policies, so please make sure to double check this before you book.

Are you booking for a group of 8-20 guests? Please check our quick booking system to make your reservation. Be sure to book private dorms, to ensure that you are all staying in the same rooms.

Please click the button below, for larger group enquiries or if you’d rather talk to us to arrange everything.

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Hostel Directory

THE LOFT 50 Rose Street North Lane, Edinburgh EH2 +44 131 659 9883
JACOBS INN 21-28 Talbot Pl, Mountjoy, Dublin +353 1 855 5660
THE COURT 1A Parliament Square , Edinburgh EH1 1RF COMING SOON